How PIN codes are assigned in India?

Most countries use a postal code system to deliver mails. In India, the Postal Index Number Scheme called PIN code was introduced on 15 August, 1972. PIN code is a system of numerical identification of a delivery post office. How does PIN help in timely delivery of mail? The PIN code digits from left to right progressively pinpoint and locate the geographical location of the post office. The first digit represents a region in the country and the second, a sub-region.


PIN is a six-digit code allotted to all delivery post offices in the country. All head post offices and sub post offices which deliver mails are scientifically allotted their own six-digit numbers.

The third digit read with the first two digits indicates a sorting district. In short, the first three digits of a PIN code of the post office will clearly speak in which state and sorting district the post office is located. The last three digits pinpoint the post office of delivery within the district. Thus the six digits, all taken together, identify an individual post office as a delivery unit. In a country with diverse language and scripts, the introduction of a digit code has eased the problems of sorting mails. Further, there are several post offices in the country having the same name.


The addition of the PIN code after the address enables the sorting personnel and Automatic Mail Processing Center (AMPCs) functioning in Mumbai and Chennai to identify the destination correctly, thereby eliminating chances of missending and consequent delay to the article. When you add the PIN code it will reduce delay in transmission and will ensure correct delivery. All should, therefore, make it a habit to add PIN in their address. All letterheads, letter pads, rubber stamps, receipts etc. should bear the PIN code of the delivery post office. When you set your signature in E mail, please add the PIN code also. This one-time exercise of adding your PIN of the delivery post office will have a telling effect in timely delivery of your mail.